New Enrichment Fund Honors Retiring Symonds School Principal Dick Cate

Richard Cate is retiring after more than half a century as an educational leader in Keene, and after 44 years as Principal of Symonds Elementary School. The thousands of students who have passed through Symonds School during Dick Cate’s tenure know of their Principal’s dedication and his many and tireless efforts to assure that they not only succeeded academically, but that they also had fun while learning along the way.

To celebrate this important occasion and to recognize Dick Cate’s extraordinary contributions to the children of Keene and their families, the Keene School District Trustees of Trust Funds, in collaboration with the Symonds School Parent-Teacher Association, have established The Dick Cate Enrichment Fund, a new trust fund whose income will be used to provide financial support for special enrichment programs and activities at Symonds School.

It has long been a goal of Dick Cate to provide his students a fuller learning experience by introducing them to other cultures and by providing learning opportunities that go far beyond the basic curriculum. He has been able to introduce, and with the help of dedicated teachers and staff and an active and committed Parent-Teacher Association, to sustain numerous innovative programs that help enlarge the world view of students as they moved through his school. It is in this spirit that The Dick Cate Enrichment Fund has been established.

Proceeds from the Fund will ensure that, in the years to come, support is available to bring to Symonds School a variety of new and innovative initiatives to help expand student perspectives and knowledge and encourage the children to engage in experiences beyond the local experience and often beyond the scope of the routine school day. The Fund may also support specialized training and preparation for Symonds faculty and staff related to such programming. The ultimate goal of all grants from The Dick Cate Enrichment Fund will be to expand and enrich the Symonds School learning experience for all.

The Trustees welcome support from all those who have benefited from Dick Cate’s leadership and commitment to quality education at Symonds School since he assumed the principalship in 1979. Your gifts will help make this new trust fund a perpetual resource in support of educational enrichment efforts at Symonds. Gifts in honor of Principal Dick Cate may be submitted to Trustees of Trust Funds, c/o Tim Ruehr, CFO, Keene School District, 193 Maple Avenue, Keene, NH 03431. Please note “Dick Cate Enrichment Fund” on your check. Gifts may also be made through the Symonds School Parent-Teacher Association on their Facebook Page at

Questions may be addressed to Timothy Ruehr, SAU29, at 603-357-9007, ext. 208.